Toby M. LeVan: MAC Fitness L.L.C.

Fit Fatherhood is earned not given. Similar to the way people earn the type of physiques they desire. Being fit and the fatherhood role are connected in many ways and I am blessed to enjoy this on a daily basis. My children are one of the biggest reasons I keep myself in shape. They are the future and as fathers we are obligated to lead by example. I bring my kids with me to the gym most mornings just to help them get an early start on understanding why their father exercises so much. I love being a Fit Father and enjoy all the experiences that come with this journey.

Fit Father Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots

Fatherhood has been amazing to me so far and I look forward to raising my child and strengthening the family bond. From Fit Father and husband responsibilities to playing on the field for the Patriots I have always approached every task with top leadership qualities. It’s been a joy watching my little girl grow and shine in just this first month. I’m eagerly anticipating my obligations along the way while showing her how to be a great and honorable individual.

Fatherhood by Micah Khan

Fatherhood is the most rewarding and fulfilling gift one can ever have. It is also the greatest responsibility given by God.  The decisions a father makes are no longer about self but about the legacy you choose to leave for your children and family. A father is called to protect his seeds and namesake everyday while instilling  them with values and morals that will develop the potential, purpose, and destiny for their lives that will be carried from generation to generation.  The challenge is great but there is no greater joy than  unconditionally loving another being you would die for.

Christopher Butler: Power of Positivity

Being a father means sewing the seeds for the future, and in those seeds lie the greatest hope for us all.

Recognizing the value of our health and consistently taking steps to improve and maintain that is one of the major points I focus on with our daughter. I used to weigh over 320 pounds but now participate in triathlons, so I see the short-term and long-term effects (mental, physical and emotional) of negative health if we do not take conscious steps towards improvement.

The Fit Fathers movement is so important in addressing these virtues and goes a step further in bringing us all together without boundaries to make life-enhancing decisions as a family. Kimatni Rawlins and the Fit Fathers family has taken the pride of fatherhood to the next level. Much like other dads around the world, I am PROUD to call myself a Fit Father!

Dominique Easley: Los Angeles Rams

I believe in loving a healthy, active and mentally stimulating lifestyle. Growing up in Staten Island, NY as a child, my Father, who is still a Drill Sergeant in the Marines, made sure  we were not the kids sitting in the house playing video games. We were active in all sports including basketball, football and even baseball. I am passing on the same kind of constructive, lifestyle habits to my sons.