Fit Fathers Nutritious Meal Prep

Fit Fathers styled food prep for the kids’ after school grub. Took us less than 30 mins to prepare this nutritious meal. We will never sacrifice their health over our lack of planning! Here we have organic blueberries and strawberries, watermelon, steamed Kale, vegan caesar salad and Japanese buckwheat soba noodles. #NoExcuses #EatClean

Healthy Vibes at California Roots Festival

We needed to hear more of the band Slightly Stoopid after their Cali Roots set on the opening evening so we ran 8 Monterey coastal miles to the vibes of “2Am” on repeat. The Fit Fathers team is now feeling refreshed, energized and recharged for today’s roots rock performances by Tarrus Riley, Stephen Marley and Damian Marley. Yes, it’s a movement!
#30for30 #FitFathersDay

Island Vacation Fitness

Vacation_Fitness_Fit_Fathers_Kimatni_Rawlins...13“Oh no, you don’t supposed to be exercising in the gym during island vacations,”said the beach bum heckler. “Ha, you must not know the Fit Fathers sacred life enhancement code,” we replied. Eat clean, keep active and continuously energize your life. So scat while we build muscle from fat!

Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers

Vacation Fitness in Aruba


As we always say, “vacations are to relax the mind, not the body.” So the first morning of an Aruban getaway we hit the pavement to run free for 4 miles through the hustle and bustle of the Dutch island’s Capital city of Oranjestad. Furthermore, each ¼-mile the team knocked out 25 push ups and 25 dips for a total of 400 each in addition to hopping over a segment featuring 200 meters of cement barriers. Ye, it felt amazing as usual. Swiftly afterwards we were able to reward ourselves with a big fat vegan grub and sunbathing on Palm Beach. Remember, “No Excuses!” is a Fit Fathers mantra.

Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers

Los Angeles Auto Show & Fit Fathers Inaugural Auto Fit Run

Fit_Fathers_Inaugural_Auto_Fit_Run ...01

Experienced by Leeann Brzozowski

There was no lack of enthusiasm, energy or anticipation as runners joined the Los Angeles Auto Show and Fit Fathers for the inaugural Auto Fit run/walk this past week. Super dads, mothers and fitness friends were ready, willing and able to start their engines and pace through the Los Angeles Convention Center while receiving a sneak peek of the 2016 and 2017 new vehicles and concept cars before they were shown to the public. [Read more…]

Practice While Your Child Practices!


The message is very simple fellow parents. Leave the soccer chairs in the garage and put that body to work while your child is on the field practicing. Whether it is at a high school track or soccer field, walking or running for 30 to 60 minutes is the best idea you can put forth as your son or daughter simultaneously burns calories with their teammates. This also alleviates any constraints or hurdles relating to time restraints or tight schedules. For this reason there should never be an excuse for working out at a team practice. 

Travel Fitness: Fruit and a Jump Rope

Travel-Fitness-Fit-Fathers-Jump-Rope-BoseIt was very thoughtful of our corporate sponsor to offer a welcome gift that was more life enhancing than destructive. Typically upon check-in you would see a box of chocolate or cookies sitting on the desk. Well, times are changing for the better. The PR rep specifically acknowledged that they needed something which honored the Fit Fathers mantra. No complaints over hear as it’s time to hit the gym with our new jump rope and Bose performance ear buds. The fruit will come in handy for replenishing our fuel. #NoExcuses #EatClean

Girls Soccer vs Candy Crush

10403461_861690117179001_5709010182816600270_nThe girls really enjoyed their new soccer net. Yes, practice does make perfect and involving your kids in the build process creates a greater sense of appreciation and pride. Now instead of Candy Crush on iPads they’ll be occupied with balls in nets and hoops .#FitFathers

Make Time for Running: No Excuses!

McCourty_Twins_Tackle_Sicle_Cell_5K........16Words by David Allison

The guy my wife was dating before we met didn’t make an impact on her at all. At the time, as she recounts the story to me, she didn’t realize that there were seemingly, legitimate excuses for why she couldn’t meet up with him. She was in fact a full-time nursing student and was holding down a steady job. Moreover, Mrs. Allison was taking care of her mother with two sisters, so indeed she was busy. However, when she and I met (still having all the same responsibilities), we managed to go out 7 days in row. How was she now able to make time for a new man in her life? Simple, she wanted to dedicate this energy to something special (and I with her). It had become a fun priority for both of us! [Read more…]

Fit Fathers “Santa Monica Muscle Beach” Workout

Fit_Fathers_vs_Santa_Monica_Muscle_Beach.....11Santa Monica Muscle Beach was made famous by the godfather of physical fitness himself, Jack LaLanne. Since the outdoor jungle gym was directly across from our hotel during a business trip to California it only made sense to get physical for an hour in the sand with fellow Fit Father Cyejuan Cj Washington from Evolve. The routine included Plyometrics, sprints, knee tucks, abs, core work, dips, push ups, sit ups, rope climbing and much more! Three sets of 15 per exercise made for a magnificent workout while inhaling fresh ocean air from the Pacific! We also found a few other Fit Fathers igniting their kids for future success in the sporting department.

[Read more…]