Ivan Lovegren on Fit Fatherhood

Fatherhood means being there, being available, and letting your children know they can take chances because someone is in their corner.  I don’t always want to carry my sons. I want them to know I will be standing right next to them even when they slow down to a crawl. Giving the kids the support to get started and being present when they turn to you, even if they have to forge the way themselves, is what I believe defines a father. I hope someday my kids will return the parenting skills to their siblings.
Ivan Lovegren
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Fit Father Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots

Fatherhood has been amazing to me so far and I look forward to raising my child and strengthening the family bond. From Fit Father and husband responsibilities to playing on the field for the Patriots I have always approached every task with top leadership qualities. It’s been a joy watching my little girl grow and shine in just this first month. I’m eagerly anticipating my obligations along the way while showing her how to be a great and honorable individual.

Fatherhood by Micah Khan

Fatherhood is the most rewarding and fulfilling gift one can ever have. It is also the greatest responsibility given by God.  The decisions a father makes are no longer about self but about the legacy you choose to leave for your children and family. A father is called to protect his seeds and namesake everyday while instilling  them with values and morals that will develop the potential, purpose, and destiny for their lives that will be carried from generation to generation.  The challenge is great but there is no greater joy than  unconditionally loving another being you would die for.

Meet John Engler: From Smoker to Runner

Fit_Fathers_John_EnglerWelcome to the newfound health promoting world of John Engler, an Austin, Texas father of two who recently quit smoking and took up running after his son Jack asked for help in learning how to run. John obliged and in the process of striding with Jack they collectively learned to love the energizing fitness activity. Pretty soon up to 12 neighborhood kids and two other dads became involved for evening runs on Mondays and Wednesdays. Way to go John, and please do keep us posted on this amazing group.

Question for readers: Have you ever thought about organizing a group like this in your neighborhood? Well, as Nike would say, just do it. You just might be surprised at how many individuals will want to get out and kick it with you! Remember, stay active, eat clean and continue to energize your life!

Words by fit father Chris Anderson

What Fatherhood means to me!

Bill and Colin 2

Becoming a father is the single greatest accomplishment of my life and that’s not stretching the truth in any way. I’ve had academic success, athletic success, and professional success, but they all pale in comparison to being a dad. I’m the father of a 5 year old boy, Colin, and 2 year old daughter, Claire and I’m proud to say I’ve passed on my red hair to them both!

KidsBeing a dad means my kids come first and their happiness is my number one priority. I can’t express how much I love my own father and can only hope to be half the father to my children as he was to me. I’ve often asked my father for “secrets” to being a dad and he’s always responded by saying, “I loved you kids as much as I could and just made up the rest!” So this is what I do with my children—I show them as much love as I can and do my best. I love my wife dearly, but no love can measure to the love I have for my children. They give me such pride and provide so much happiness in my life. They now define me in so many ways and my life would not be nearly as joyful without them. As you read this I’ll likely be playing superheroes with my son or reading a book with my daughter, just doing the thing I love most in life — being a Dad.

William J. Kuennen, MSWProgram Director, Back on My Feet Washington, DC


Take the “Fit Fathers Day” Pledge

It’s important on Father’s Day and each subsequent day that dads and male role models spearhead this call to action by taking time out to engage in physical fitness and employ healthy food choices with their families. It is a fact that health risks are increased in men 20 years and older, and with added stress and more responsibilities a father is at a higher risk of various potential problems. So keep in mind that exercising and healthy eating saves generations.

Become a Fit Father by following these simple steps to lead your family to a healthier lifestyle.

I pledge to become a Fit Father and will …

  • attend my doctor’s office for routine checkups and screenings.
  • exercise 3 to 5 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes minimum and include my children in most fitness activities.
  • eat 3 to 7 pieces of fruit and veggies daily.
  • drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • limit or eliminate sodas, candy and pastries entirely.
  • limit or eliminate fried foods entirely.
  • limit or avoid carcinogens entirely: smoking, drugs and heavy alcohol.
  • replace enriched white foods with whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, etc.)
  • Never eat with less than 3 hours in-between bedtime.
  • spend quality time with my children daily.
  • on Father’ Day enjoy one hour of energetic activities with my loved ones such as a 5K to 10K run, family bike ride, soccer, hiking, ball games, swimming or a simple walk through the park with nature.

Stay active, eat well and energize your life!

James “The Beast” Wilson: Mix Martial Arts Fighter

SAMSUNG CSCBeing a part of the Fit Fathers movement is something that I take great pride in. My children see the amount of time and effort I put into training and it rubs off and inspires them. They now try to emulate the things that they have seen me do whether it’s push ups, sit ups, boxing, jogging or simply training others.

I think they see me leading by example, and in turn, they began picking it up.  Hopefully, by watching, it will benefit them firsthand as they carry it throughout their lives. It also provides them with many characteristics that some may not inherit until their teen years or later. SAMSUNG CSCMy children will be equipped with the concepts of mental toughness, consistency, discipline, accountability, and hard work. I didn’t have the luxury of a father molding me into what I am today.  When I look at my children I’m very grateful and blessed that I can be that example to teach them what I’ve always wished I had.  The great thing is, one day they will be able to pass along what they’ve learned onto their kids.  Knowing this is what makes be proud to be a “Fit Father.”

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” (Anonymous)

James’s next Pro MMA fight is Friday March 28 at Commerce Casino for BAMMA – Badbeat 12

Fit Grannies: Ophelia Bakon

ophelia head wrapAt 67, Ophelia Bakon is fit, fabulous and full of life.  This divorced mother of three sons, six grands and one great grand believes age is just a number and has the lifestyle to prove it.  As a child of God, she audaciously lives her best life now, with an intentional focus on the mind, body and spirit. From yoga and calisthenics to clean eating and holistic health, Ophelia taps into her inner strength, recognizes her spiritual power, takes control and lives her life like it’s golden.

Born in rural Georgia in 1947, Ophelia the fifth of six children, worked in the cotton fields in her hometown of Covington, alongside her brother and sisters, until the family relocated to Massachusetts in 1959. From very humble beginnings, Ophelia understood the power of the mind at an early age.  Although poor, she had a rich mind and dreamed big and attributes her ambition and subsequent success to her sister Fannie.

ophelia black outfit

Defying the odds, Ophelia studied business at Boston University Metro College, received a cosmetology certificate from Wilfred Academy and is state certified to teach wardrobe from the Academie Moderne.  As a child, she played dress up in her mother’s clothes to pass time as an alternative to television as there were none in the home, resulting in a keen sense of style. With such a passion for fashion, it’s no surprise that Ophelia combined business, fashion and beauty to create a career for herself.  The self-proclaimed fashionista, began producing fashion shows in the mid 70s, launched a wardrobe consulting firm with her equally fashionable sisters-shortly thereafter and in 1985, with $3,000 and a dream the Nouveau Fashion Gallery was born. A true entrepreneur Ophelia, manages the daily operations of the boutique located in the exclusive Copley Plaza.  She is the face of the only Black owned clothing store in the mall and has effectively established Nouveau Fashion Gallery as a staple in the downtown Boston community.

Automotive Journalist Dan Carney

HPIM0997The world needs more Fit Fathers like automotive journalist Dan Carney. In his words: After my wife and I had kids we instantly understood the importance of leading by example.  Instead of telling the kids to turn off the TV, get off the couch and get active, I did that myself.  Now I’m a triathlete and have a daughter who is a college runner, a son who is a high school athlete and another daughter playing middle school sports. Fit Fathers’ efforts will encourage others to come to the same realization.  I hope other dads have as much fun racing with and against their kids as I do with mine!

September Health & Fitness Reboot

Word By Kimatni D. Rawlins
IMG_5895So the journey continues as we walk into the cool, leafy breeze of fall. I’ve had a great summer of clean eating, family fun, and fitness focused accomplishments. My plant-based diet has proven to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made in life. I’m running farther, faster and more efficiently. My strength remains close to the college glory years when I ran the rock for Georgia Tech. My thoughts are sharper and energy is elevated continuously. The kids love being young vegan warriors as well. Their understanding of empathy, compassion, love and care for the earthlings we humans share the planet with is touching. Plus they have the power of gorillas. I’ve yet to meet a little boy that can go toe to toe with either of my 10 and 7 year old girls. “Proud ” is an understatement! [Read more…]