Fatherhood means love, sacrifice, forgiveness and growth. As a young father I struggled early on to establish the identity and character of the provider I desired to be. Through patience and love the outlook quickly began to change. Although I made several mammoth mistakes, fatherhood was something I was determined to be great at while learning more from my children regarding life’s valuable lessons. More than I could ever imagine, one of the most impactful lessons my son taught me is that “we grow as we go.” So please, never give up on your dreams, learn as much as you can, do not be afraid to admit when you’re wrong and do everything you do out of love!

Durrel Davis, Athletic Strength and Performance Specialist


My fatherhood habits are a lifestyle, an expression of love that has a beginning but no end. It’s a choice we make for 24 hours. The path I chose to be a Fit Father requires more sacrifice than any career but is also far more rewarding since my love for my kids is unconditional. I wouldn’t change the circumstances for the world!
-Roberto Tapia, Capoeira Instructor

Fatherhood means being there, being available, and letting your children know they can take chances because someone is in their corner.  I don’t always want to carry my sons. I want them to know I will be standing right next to them even when they slow down to a crawl. Giving the kids the support to get started and being present when they turn to you, even if they have to forge the way themselves, is what I believe defines a father. I hope someday my kids will return the parenting skills to their siblings.
Ivan Lovegren
Archer & Logan on Instagram

Fit Fatherhood is earned not given. Similar to the way people earn the type of physiques they desire. Being fit and the fatherhood role are connected in many ways and I am blessed to enjoy this on a daily basis. My children are one of the biggest reasons I keep myself in shape. They are the future and as fathers we are obligated to lead by example. I bring my kids with me to the gym most mornings just to help them get an early start on understanding why their father exercises so much. I love being a Fit Father and enjoy all the experiences that come with this journey.

Fatherhood has been amazing to me so far and I look forward to raising my child and strengthening the family bond. From Fit Father and husband responsibilities to playing on the field for the Patriots I have always approached every task with top leadership qualities. It’s been a joy watching my little girl grow and shine in just this first month. I’m eagerly anticipating my obligations along the way while showing her how to be a great and honorable individual.