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Smoothie Delights

Green Monster Smoothie

Lentils in a smoothie? Don’t scoff just yet! This recipe pairs nutritious lentils with avocado, spinach, apples and pea-based milk for a light and refreshing yet protein-packed drink. This recipe comes to us from USA Pulses. Serves 5 Ingredients: 1/2 [...]

Just Beet It

Like Michael Jackson said, Just Beet It!!!! The Formula -- Freshly pressed Beets, Kale, Br [...]

The Green Thumb

Need a boost of calcium, iron, copper, potassium, iodine, magnesium, A, C, E, enzymes, ant [...]

Green Smoothie

This smoothie packs an abundance of calcium, iron and fiber. Makes 6 servings 6 cups fresh [...]

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