2015 Toyota Highlander: Southern Comfort

2015 Toyota Highlander

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

When I recently visited family and friends in Charlotte, NC I experienced nothing but southern hospitality from various aspects of the spectrum including my test ride. I felt like an urban cowboy as I rolled through high land in Toyota’s latest AWD SUV. Upon arrival and vehicle pickup my host set the seats to “cool” since it was blazing hot that day, inputted my next destination in the intuitive 8” navigational system and let me ride out in style.

It was a pitch perfect day for cruising since the weather met my expectations. Locals were out riding their mountain bikes and jogging, lunches were served outside on patios and the hustle and bustle of business was taking place at a rapid pace. Charlotte is becoming trendier by the day and the new Highlander fit right in. I must say the Japanese auto brand has become keen on offering Lexus-like amenities in their expansive vehicle lineup. With seating for up to 7 passengers, AWD (Snow Mode), Hill-Start, Downhill Assist Control, a hitch, and cargo cross bars hovering over the one-touch open/close and tilting Moonroof with sunshades, the Japanese SUV offers niceties for active lifestylers such as myself! [Read more…]

2015 Toyota Highlander proves worthy for Fit Fathers


Experienced by Adrian McQueen

During Super Bowl Toyota launched their #OneBoldChoice campaign emphasizing dads around the world with their families based on the Camry. Toyota then highlighted the phrase, “Being a dad is a choice. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices someday.” Well, for me being an “expecting dad” I needed something a bit superior than a sedan to assist with all the tasks set upon me to prepare for this bundle of joy. The Automotive Rhythms vehicle of choice for the week was the Toyota Highlander. [Read more…]