Fit Fathers Energizes the Youth at Langston Terrace Community Day


Experienced by Adrian McQueen / Photos by Adrian McQueen

As we continue our fun, filled journey with the Auto Fit 2016 Kia Sorento SUV, Fit Fathers landed in Langston Terrace to energize the community with a social workout. Langston Terrace is located in Washington, D.C. from 21st St. N at Benning Rd to H St., NE and was the first federally funded housing project in the Disctrict of Columbia named in honor of John Mercer Langston, a 19th-century American abolitionist and attorney that also founded Howard University Law School. After encouraging words from Resident Council and prayer, the Fit Fathers team led off the event with a group fitness demonstration bringing smiles to many kids’ faces. Some were shy to participate in the beginning, but the numbers grew as we grabbed onlookers and encouraged them to join in on the fun.


The community day featured dental services by Dr. Presson, DDS to ascertain residents maintained their pearly whites. In addition there were diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and spinal cord screenings. Chef JR of Kitchen Cray put on an awesome display of nutritional counseling and included the kids from Powerful Beyond Measure to join his cooking staff with the help of Martha’s Table. They went above and beyond preparing food for the entire neighborhood. Yet, this was not your ordinary cookout spread. The nutritional culinary experience included stir fry veggies, grilled veggies, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, and much more. The street was filled with music, entertainment, games, free haircuts, prizes, and backpack giveaways. Sponsors and partners included Kitchen Cray, Fit Fathers, Raheem Devaughn’s Love Life Foundation, DJ QuickSilva, Tony Lewis Jr., Sunni in the City, Rite Aid, Shoe City, Martha’s Table, The National Guard, DC Health Link, and many more.


This 274-unit complex was noted in the 90s as “21st n Vietnam.” Well it is a new day and the residents have shown that Langston Terrace does not deserve that name anymore. Opportunities and experiences like this are what broaden the horizon and open the door for change. When you take pride in something, you are willing to change it. The people of Langston Terrace are doing just that and the Fit Fathers team is willing to help that movement. Enjoy our photo gallery.

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Mountain Biking with the Crew: A Fit Fathers Social Workout


Words by Kimatni D. Rawlins / Vision by Henri Fisher

It was an amazing weekend with the Fit Fathers crew as we hit Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Park on hardtails in Gaithersburg, MD. Typically when a group of dudes get together to catch up it’s at a sports bar, club or a live game. Nothing is wrong with either if that’s your cup of tea. For me, I am happy to have broken free from habits that I no longer care for. In comparison to my old self I’d rather bike or hike within the natural mystic of life with my brothers and sisters while eating nuts and berries opposed to clubbing with baby ballers. Thus, it’s amazing how quickly enlightenment is ascertained when the path to purity is chosen. There are never any excuses for energizing your body incessantly.

We call them “Social Workouts” whereas a group of dads, moms, kids or friends of the family get together for an exercise-focused activity in an environment conducive for life enhancing socializing. Prior examples include running and hiking meet-ups at national parks and local high school tracks. This past Saturday seven Fit Fathers went out on what is to be the first of a cadre of planned mountain bike outings.  And for those who didn’t own a cycle we made a call to Race Pace in Columbia, MD and reserved a few of their rentals for $45 a day. Again, “no excuses” is our daily mantra. “This experience provided a great alternative to the regular routine of weekly gym workouts. Both physically and mentally challenging, the scenic path allowed us to truly appreciate both the power and beauty of nature,’ said Shawn Ciers. “Enjoying this time with fellow brothers that wanted to spend a Saturday morning greeting mother nature opposed to snoring in bed or playing video games made this outing and the conversations magnificent!” [Read more…]