A Fit Father and Child’s Bond with the Strider 12” Balance Bike and Rocking Base


Experienced by Adrian McQueen

As a parent one of the greatest bonding moments with your child is teaching him or her how to ride a bicycle. I am a Fit Father of a 1-year-old daughter and didn’t see this experience happening in at least another few years. Well, Strider decided to expedite the timeline with the introduction of their Rocking Base that attaches to the 12” Strider Balance Bike. Strider describes it as a bike with no pedals designed with only foot propulsion to educate kids on the fundamentals of riding. [Read more…]

2015 Toyota Highlander proves worthy for Fit Fathers


Experienced by Adrian McQueen

During Super Bowl Toyota launched their #OneBoldChoice campaign emphasizing dads around the world with their families based on the Camry. Toyota then highlighted the phrase, “Being a dad is a choice. One that will make a wonderful human being who will make their own choices someday.” Well, for me being an “expecting dad” I needed something a bit superior than a sedan to assist with all the tasks set upon me to prepare for this bundle of joy. The Automotive Rhythms vehicle of choice for the week was the Toyota Highlander. [Read more…]