3rd Annual Fun Run & Fitness Event for Kids


It was a great day of fun fitness at Bowie High School with the KidsBeingFit crew and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. What better way to spend a weekend morning? We can’t think of one. Parents, please continue to teach your children the path to purity while they’re young. Our sacrifices today represent their positive futures. The combination of daily activity and nutritional foods is the greatest asset you can provide to them.

KidsBeingFit is a fun fitness group for kids led by kids. KidsBeingFit partners with fitness organizations to create fun fitness activities and programs that encourage kids to stay active and eat healthy every single day. For more information visit www.KidsBeingFit.com or email atkidsBeingFit@mail.com.

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Fox 5 Fitness for the Family: Fit Fathers & Kids Being Fit for a Healthier Generation

Fit_Kids_Fit_Families...014It was a beautiful and energetic morning in Washington, D.C. for a cadre of dads and their beautiful and active kids. Why? Because Fox 5 invited Fit Fathers and Kids Being Fit in studio for a poignant news segment discussing family fitness and nutrition in support of Global Youth Service Day in partnership with The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Fit Fathers’ Kimatni D. Rawlins spoke about the need for parents to become more focused on foods that heal and provide energy for children and to say no to foods of mass destruction such as sodas, fast food, and processed meals. Good eating in combination with active living is a precursor for long-term, positive health. As expected, Rawlins demonstrated a micro Social Workout with Fox 5 anchor Wisdom Martin and the gang of kids and parents that were invited including Kyle Aye, Leon Brittain, Cody Evans and Phil Lozano. The kids were super-excited and enthusiastic all morning long. [Read more…]