Island Vacation Fitness

Vacation_Fitness_Fit_Fathers_Kimatni_Rawlins...13“Oh no, you don’t supposed to be exercising in the gym during island vacations,”said the beach bum heckler. “Ha, you must not know the Fit Fathers sacred life enhancement code,” we replied. Eat clean, keep active and continuously energize your life. So scat while we build muscle from fat!

Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers

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Vacation Fitness in Aruba


As we always say, “vacations are to relax the mind, not the body.” So the first morning of an Aruban getaway we hit the pavement to run free for 4 miles through the hustle and bustle of the Dutch island’s Capital city of Oranjestad. Furthermore, each ¼-mile the team knocked out 25 push ups and 25 dips for a total of 400 each in addition to hopping over a segment featuring 200 meters of cement barriers. Ye, it felt amazing as usual. Swiftly afterwards we were able to reward ourselves with a big fat vegan grub and sunbathing on Palm Beach. Remember, “No Excuses!” is a Fit Fathers mantra.

Kimatni D. Rawlins, Fit Fathers

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Enjoying Rio’s Outdoor Gyms at Ipanema Beach

Brazil_Fit_Fathers_Vacation_Fitness...10Experienced by Adrian McQueen

The Fit Fathers motto is simple, “vacations are meant to energize the body and revive the mind.” So wherever we venture to, whether local or global, the formula has to remain constant. My latest escape took me through Brazil to explore the high-octane energy of Rio.

Along the lively beaches of Ipanema you will witness traditional sporting activities like volleyball, fútbol and surfing in unison with circuit training. In addition, along the waters are outdoor gyms ready for usage by buffs and neophytes. Very similar to the coastal gym at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California, these fitness facilities are used by people of all ages and include familiar exercise equipment such as pull up bars, elliptical machines and spinning bikes. Classes incorporate CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and many more group exercises. Aside from the beautiful location of the gym, the best news we discovered was that usage is free. With that, there should be no excuse to staying healthy and improving your quality of life. On top of my typical walk, run or swim, I also added the Rio formula to the mix. Some of the circuit training included a series of exercises and obstacles with medicine balls, elastic bands, cones and hula hoops.

unnamedAdmiring the exotic Brazilian view and listening to the crashing ocean waves is a sure fire channel for reviving the mind while the body is being energized. Remember not to forget water for hydration since the sun is very strong in Rio de Janeiro and you will sweat more than normal.

This was indeed a great surprise and welcomed addition to vacation with my wife. When in Rio, be sure to check out the outdoor gyms as they do not disappoint.

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