Stuff I Eat: Meet Vegan Chef Babett Davis

IMG_6526Words by Kimatni D Rawlins

I had just landed to LAX with a 2-hour drive ahead of me. Of course there was no decent grub on the 6-hour flight from Baltimore and I was rushing and hadn’t packed my brown bag. So I opened up the Happy Cow app and chose the closest vegan eatery from my location dubbed Stuff I Eat. Yes, I was in nutritional heaven.

Going through the menu was daunting due to the plethora of magnificent and colorful choices. Serving both cooked and raw meals, Stuff I Eat ascertains that every meal is comprised of protein, fiber, complex carbs, good fats and vitamins and minerals. I selected a fresh juice and the Nut Burger, which was paired with a salad, baked potatoes and steamed veggies. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten it all, but who knew when I would return. Babett was in the kitchen working her culinary magic as usual and came out to check on me. She was congenial, energetic and ultra friendly. After speaking for a few moments on health and fitness – yes, she loves to run – she stated her age and I almost spilled my green juice. “Sixty what,” I shouted! I would have estimated 42 years old at the most. Amazing how plant-based foods heal, nourish and enliven opposed to age, sicken and diminish like meats and dairy. The experience was unforgettable and I left very appeased. [Read more…]