Fit Fathers Guerilla Performance Shake: Supplement-free and Protein Powder-free Natural Energy Enhancement!

Fit_Fathers_Power_Smoothie_It is very simple energizing your body and creating foods that convert to sustainable glucose for endurance and performance fuel. Why go the synthetic and processed route when nature provides all you need. Here is Fit Fathers unique but simple spin on the traditional green smoothie.

In your Vitamix  mix:

-Coconut water for your base and electrolytes
-3 Broccoli stalks
-4 to 6 Dates for natural energy boosts
-An orange for iron absorption
-3 Bananas for binding and energy
-2 Handfuls of both strawberries and blueberries
-Flaxseeds and chia seeds for Omega 3 and added protein
-Pumpkin seeds for added iron

Spin on Smoothie mode and serve. Makes an amazing 7 cups (64-ounce Low-Profile Container) !!!

You got it. The supplement industry and muscle heads have society thinking we need an endless amount of protein. This macronutrient should  comprise 5 to 15% of our daily caloric intake. It’s complex carbohydrates which fuels our bodies first. Overdosing on protein can possibly lead to rouge cancer cells developing from cellular division (when tissue splits and divides) and can pull calcium from the bones since the amino acid breakdown requires a mineral — Calcium — for neutralization. This is long thought to be one of the reasons why America (and other high consumption dairy and meat eating countries) have high cases of Osteoporosis.

Vitamix blenders are like the Jeep Wranglers of the blending world. They do what they do best because of their powerful motors, unique blades and various spin cycle modes such as Hot Soups and Purée. We’ve made hummus to avocado puddings in our Vitamix 750 Series. You will spend more for the quality, but we don’t mind investing in our health. Cancer and Diabetes are far more expensive.

Kimatni D Rawlins

BMW Concept X5 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle: Clean Energy

BMW Concept X5 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle_ChargingKimatni D. Rawlins

Look around and take heed to your environmental surroundings. Pay close attention to weather patterns and ocean toxicity. What about the air we breathe and the water we drink? It is no coincidence that snow fell on the Eastern Seaboard in late April. Global Warming or Global Cooling will continue to take its toll if humans treat Planet Earth as if it’s a temporary home. Well, at least we know there are corporate conscious companies like BMW making a difference to decrease pollution and the need for petroleum by way of their Concept X5 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (X5 PHEV). Clean energy anyone? [Read more…]

2014-2015 Ford Focus Electric: The Future is Now

2014 Ford Focus Electric My Shots 021SHERYLL ALEXANDER

Before I had road tested the 2014 Ford Focus Electric (the 2015 Ford Focus Electric was recently announced but won’t be available until summer), I was a huge Nissan Leaf fan. And while the Leaf is a cool EV (and cheaper), this green auto expert has switched her answer to this question: “What’s your favorite electric car?” Now I can say with confidence: Ford Focus Electric.

If you really are considering getting off the petro dollar for good by purchasing a hot, new five-seater EV, the real question should be: “Do I go with the 2014 or wait for the newly-launched 2015 Focus Electric model?” Yes, on a week-long road test of a surprisingly fast and good-looking seafoam green 2014 Ford Focus Electric, I discovered the EV of my sustainable transportation dreams. Although Ford has not yet released all of its 2015 Focus Electric specs, the updated exterior is certainly more bold than the 2014 with its restyled hood, grille and trunk. However, I was perfectly happy with my 2014 model. I really grew to love the low-slung, yet eye-catching contemporary design of the vehicle most especially from its toothy-grilled burnished chrome grille. [Read more…]