Dairy Milk: No Research Necessary

Cow Milk and NutritionCow’s milk is the perfect food for a calf, not humans. Very simple and nutritional principle. Professor T. Colin Campbell of The China Study stated it most poignantly. “We’ve discovered that cow’s milk protein at reasonable levels of intake markedly promotes experimental cancer growth, which is outside of the nutrition paradigm.” Drink clean!



The Raw Truth On Dairy

milkWe all know the road to positive change can be daunting and far more challenging than expected. However, as a society, each individual must take heed to the bountiful information on nutrition, fitness, and life enhancement that is at our disposal to procure life everlasting health. After all, who wants to endure years of lethargy or suffer from incapacity due to disease or lack of motivation? Why wouldn’t you want to run through nature’s most captivating environments, swim in majestic waters when vacationing, or hike mountainsides while breathing fresh, clean air and drinking pure spring water.  The good news is that science and research have unearthed a cadre of bad habits that will negatively impact us in the future, while providing the pathway to many solutions. The body is complex but its requirements are simple. Foods that we have been told since childhood were good for us may not be! Fortunately, we need to “unlearn” this information and re-educate ourselves. For now, start prepping your lifestyle change by shopping for “foods of life” and clearing out your kitchen of “foods of mass destruction!” If you care about your health, body, and nutrition please continue reading. [Read more…]