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You’ve arrived at THE place to find information about the dangers of sugar-loaded drinks. Get tools to start a movement in your community, and change what kids and their families reach for when they’re thirsty!

What are sugar-loaded drinks exactly? We’re talking: sweetened sodas, so-called “sports” drinks, iced teas, juice drinks, vitamin waters and energy drinks. Beverages so cheap and easy to get, that kids are drinking way more than their fill. They’re getting the equivalent of over a dozen packets of sugar a day from their beverages alone! But together, we can stop Big Soda’s push to keep kids guzzling these harmful drinks which–science has proven–lead to obesity, preventable diabetes and tooth decay!

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Ancient “Fit Father” Proverb: On Water

Soda-vs-WaterIf you serve a kid water all day and not soda, they will drink water all day. If you serve a kid soda all day and not water, they will drink soda all day. Thus, the successful path to nutritional freedom is to drink water! #DrinkClean

Eat & Drink Clean!

Eat CleanThe saying couldn’t be any further from the truth. Literally, you are what you eat. Choose foods that nourish and heal opposed to those that degenerate and destroy.

Dairy Milk: No Research Necessary

Cow Milk and NutritionCow’s milk is the perfect food for a calf, not humans. Very simple and nutritional principle. Professor T. Colin Campbell of The China Study stated it most poignantly. “We’ve discovered that cow’s milk protein at reasonable levels of intake markedly promotes experimental cancer growth, which is outside of the nutrition paradigm.” Drink clean!



Eating Away from Home

1425548_10202580109492815_1125885677_nBreakfast! People ask us all the time how do we stay healthy on the go and carry on about the challenges of eating outside the home. We beg to differ. How hard is it to order steel cut oatmeal with fruit, nuts, cinnamon and almond milk? This will keep us energized all morning as the complex carbohydrate infused meal releases glucose moderately while bacon, eggs, white toast and dairy will spike your blood sugar abruptly and before you even finish the meal. Lethargy will sink in as your gastrointestinal tries to break down and digest the heavy and hormone induced meal. It’s like chopping wood with an axe opposed to a chainsaw. A big salad will steady us at lunch and stir fried (no oils) or steamed veggies over brown rice or quinoa completes dinner. Fruit between meals and the challenge has been defeated. Easy as 1 2 3! The only excuses in life are the ones we self manifest.

The Raw Truth On Dairy

milkWe all know the road to positive change can be daunting and far more challenging than expected. However, as a society, each individual must take heed to the bountiful information on nutrition, fitness, and life enhancement that is at our disposal to procure life everlasting health. After all, who wants to endure years of lethargy or suffer from incapacity due to disease or lack of motivation? Why wouldn’t you want to run through nature’s most captivating environments, swim in majestic waters when vacationing, or hike mountainsides while breathing fresh, clean air and drinking pure spring water.  The good news is that science and research have unearthed a cadre of bad habits that will negatively impact us in the future, while providing the pathway to many solutions. The body is complex but its requirements are simple. Foods that we have been told since childhood were good for us may not be! Fortunately, we need to “unlearn” this information and re-educate ourselves. For now, start prepping your lifestyle change by shopping for “foods of life” and clearing out your kitchen of “foods of mass destruction!” If you care about your health, body, and nutrition please continue reading. [Read more…]

Omega VRT-350 Masticating Juicer

Omega VRT-350

Fit Fathers recently upgraded to the Omega VRT-350 masticating juicer and love its work ethic. Compared to our previous centrifugal CuisinArt, the Omega produces more juice and less foam. As well, we have the piece of mind knowing more enzymes and nutrients are persevered since masticating juicers perform at lower speeds (80 rpms for the VRT-350) which reduces heat and oxygenation.

The VRT’s assembly is seamless as well as the cleanup. However, the spout is smaller than expected so make certain to cut up larger pieces of fruits or vegetables. Time for a fresh cup of our Rainbow Delight: oranges, strawberries, pineapple,  and apples. Drink clean!

Expect to pay around $379.

Soda & Water

302746_4740859168279_485250355_nFact: If you replace one 20-ounce soda a day with a no-calorie beverage (preferably water), you could lose 25 pounds in a year. Plus the carbonic acid in Coke will clean your car’s engine, house furniture, etc. We tried it last week and it works perfectly! Drink at your own risk.