Under Armour Performance Center

Welcome to the Under Armour Performance Center at Headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Executives in marketing say the goal is to make sure employees stay fit at all costs. If you are surrounded by active energy and the requisite facilities are omnipresent, then the likelihood of maintaining fitness goals will become a permanent mindset. The platform includes group classes such as spinning, a boxing studio, strength training equipment, cardio machines and an outdoor turf field overlooking the water for individual skills and drills.

The Performance Center is also open to the public and of course visiting athletes. Hopefully the next Fit Fathers “Social Workout” will take place here. Stay tuned!

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Travel Fitness: Fit Fathers in Monterey for Cali Roots

Welcome to Monterey, CA for the “Cali Roots” Memorial Weekend reggae festival. But, before we headed over to the Monterey Fairgrounds the team worked out with top effort. First was a 30-minute strength training session in the Hyatt’s “Stay Fit” gym, then a 3-mile run around the 22-acre property and finished up with wind sprints in the courtyard. Plus, the crew will walk a mile to the concerts, traverse the grounds for hours and finally walk back to the hotel. This is easy work when you eat nutritious whole foods daily, drink water over sugary drinks, exercise on most days and maintain overall positive vibrations. Lead by example my people. One Love!

Why Is Physical Activity Important?

Fitness-Fit-FathersRegular physical activity can produce long term health benefits. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities can benefit from being physically active. The more physical activity you do, the greater the health benefits.

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Travel Fitness: Fruit and a Jump Rope

Travel-Fitness-Fit-Fathers-Jump-Rope-BoseIt was very thoughtful of our corporate sponsor to offer a welcome gift that was more life enhancing than destructive. Typically upon check-in you would see a box of chocolate or cookies sitting on the desk. Well, times are changing for the better. The PR rep specifically acknowledged that they needed something which honored the Fit Fathers mantra. No complaints over hear as it’s time to hit the gym with our new jump rope and Bose performance ear buds. The fruit will come in handy for replenishing our fuel. #NoExcuses #EatClean

Eat like a Rabbit, Train like a Horse: Breaking from Tradition

Kimatni_Rawlins_Fit_Fathers..... 006Kimatni Rawlins —

The statement “you are what you eat” is all too true. In fact, how I fuel and nourish my temple influences 90% of my decision making processes as it relates to choice of activities, energy levels, physical appearance and positive vibrations. Foods have a way of affecting your temperament, which can lead to positive lifestyle choices or negative patterns. I choose to flow with the natural current of life which encompasses pure 1-ingredient foods that grow from trees, roots and plants and not born from wombs; daily movement; drinking mostly alkaline water, herbal decaf teas and freshly pressed juices from my Omega VRT; and practicing mindful thinking. Each and every day I wake up feeling amazed! [Read more…]

The Art of Spinning

spinningWords by Henri Fisher

I have enjoyed my five-year transition into cycling after being introduced to Indoor Cycling or Spinning over four years ago. Since several of my friends had added the biking routine to their daily workouts, I had always been intrigued. But of course there were reservations upon taking my first class. Yet, I decided to give it a try through the encouragement of a colleague. Before participating in my first class I had no idea how much intensity would be endured. The instructor was challenging and demanded the same level of energy from everyone. Though I thought I was in moderate physical shape, this initiation was very challenging to say the least. However, I continued going the rest of that summer and later that fall I purchased a road bike to help improve my ride endurance. [Read more…]

Vacation Water Fitness

483Water is not just for relaxation and sunbathing when vacationing. During your time off try swimming a few laps before ordering drinks and pulling out the suntan lotion. The goal is to return home just as fit as when you arrived to the resort. Swimming works every muscle in the body and with less stress than running. As well, swimming increases your cardiovascular capacity and exercises your lungs, which helps clear out foreign agents. So swim first and drink later. But don’t drink too much if you do make that choice. We’d rather have a fresh Rainbow Delight with oranges, pineapple, strawberries, and apples. Hold the alcohol please! [Read more…]

Choosing a Sport & Getting Started

nike-lunarglide-3-citypack-berlin-1After seventeen years of training as a distance runner, we still dislike the word “exercise.” It’s like bad-tasting cough syrup, conjuring up images of dreary hours on a Stairmaster at the gym. The wonderful thing about sport is the variety of activities to choose from: running, dancing, swimming, cycling, basketball, tennis, mountaineering and kayaking to name a few. Whether it is summer or winter and no matter the person’s age, gender or background there is a sport that will make him or her happy.

Happiness is the key to success in any endeavor. When an activity is pleasurable working hard seems a lot more like play. Getting up before dawn to exercise is more appealing if the activity is a reward in itself. The body is an amazing machine. Start moving and it will respond with increasing levels of fitness, move towards a healthy weight and increase your energy and stamina. But remember that none of this happens overnight. Have realistic expectations and be patient. [Read more…]

Morning Sunrise Smoothie

fruit__protein_shake_healthyHow do you kick-off your morning? Hopefully with a small boost of protein and and heavy dose of complex carbs such as an energizing fruit and veggie smoothie. Protein (not much) is needed to revitalize and repair tissue cells, while complex carbs provide the body with its necessary fuel. Try our favorite morning recipe to get you and the kids going. Coconut or almond milk, ice, banana, strawberries, blueberries, chia seeds, flaxseeds, Kale, pumpkin seeds, oranges and walnuts. Blend well and let the day begin!

Drink at least 45 minutes before your workout so you can absorb the nutrients and start converting the mixture into glucose for fuel. Secondly, replenish immediately after exercising so your body can begin the recovery and healing process.


Loose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Fresh!

Fit Fathers Devoted DadsStep 1) Reduce intake of sugary liquids like soda and energy drinks by 50% or completely. Replace with water or freshly blended juices.

Step 2) Stay active at least 30 minutes a day 4-6 days a week. Running, swimming, cycling, lifting, circuit training, speed walking, etc.

Step 3) Leave meat off of your plate for at least one meal a day. Replace with a whole grain/legume combo like brown rice and beans or quinoa & lentils. Your digestive system will thank you.

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