Kalahari Resorts and Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures

Experienced by Leon Brittain

I’m sure you have heard of the Poconos as that romantic getaway location with champagne glass jacuzzies, heart-shaped beds, and that crackling warm and glowing fireplace for blissful lovers’ weekends. Now imagine an exotic African safari-themed resort with your choice of appetizing comfort food or fine cuisine paired with premium adult spirits and wines, a mind-melting halotherapy room and spa, and an outdoor adventure park. And when you’re ready to take a dip in the pool, you have a choice of an indoor or outdoor swim-up bar in addition to the largest indoor waterpark in the country at your disposal. [Read more…]

Escape to LEGOLAND California Resort: In Search of “The Special”

Legoland_Fit_Fathers...... 045Kimatni D. Rawlins

I must say the LEGO master builders are some pretty extraordinary individuals. Especially after witnessing their skillsets and craftsmanship firsthand at designing and replicating everything that could possibly be imagined into actual LEGOS. Cars? Yes! Entire cities? No problem! King Tut and his pyramid? Easy! Wait a minute, what about people and animals? Well, they just might be the simplest of them all for the masters to construct. If you don’t believe the hype make sure to cross off the kids’ bucket list with a fun, family adventure to either LEGOLAND California Resort and the LEGOLAND Hotel in Carlsbad, CA or the property in Orlando, Florida. After our thrilling vacation I now have much more respect for the art form.

Growing up I was a pretty inquisitive child with a strong passion for inventing and analyzing. Like most, I just had to know how things worked whether it were clocks or stovetops. Of course some of my inquiries were pure danger so mother introduced me to LEGO bricks. As with many kids I built and destroyed LEGO concoctions all day long. Not only was it an escape from reality (as if I knew what that was then) but years of this specific activity strengthened and organized my mind into one that is both detailed oriented and artistic, basically meshing the left and right brains. Though, I really doubt this is the reason why parents threw buckets of interlocking plastic bricks our way — mainly to keep us busy since iPads and iPods were yet invented — nevertheless The LEGO Group has made master builders out of millions of little people. When The LEGO Movie finally hit the big screen childhood love was rekindled for parents across the globe while also attracting a new crop of young creators including our little ladies with the introduction of Wyldstyle. [Read more…]

Healthy Summer Vacation Tips

IMG_3302Obviously summer vacations have begun and everyone is having a ball swimming, riding, camping, flying to exotic destinations or simply sunbathing on the beach. Recently I took my family to Busch Gardens and Water Country in Williamsburg, Virginia. Of course the adults had just as much fun as the kids on the roller coasters and water rides. Yet, we didn’t let all the excitement override our summer health goals. Here are a few key road trip pointers to keep everyone focused.

  • Pack your own lunches and enjoy a picnic in the parking lot. Fruits, mixed nuts and almond butter and jelly sandwiches are perfect. The fast food at parks are not only expensive, but in most cases are not what we call real food! If you must have a salad.
  • Vacations are to relax the mind, not the body. In fact, this is the opportunity to energize even more since you have the free time. So don’t forget to pack your fitness gear. For example, my niece Kaira actually asked me to take her for a workout. Then my daughter and nephew followed suit. Amazing that I didn’t have to force them to fitness or even remind them to bring the proper attire.
  • It’s hot so bring or purchase water over sugary, acid forming and dye colored beverages. The goal is to prevent dehydration not stimulate a sugar high.
  • Negotiate with the kids on what is allowed and what is not. Do not let them take you for cotton candy at all or french fries every day.
  • Stop at a health food market and pick up the essentials for the hotel room. Water, oatmeal packets, whole grain bread, bananas, raisins, granola and popcorn.
  • Load the van or SUV with balls, bikes and rackets. There is nothing like family soccer or basketball challenges on the road. The winner gets to pick the evening’s movie of choice.


Families Have Fun and Make Memories Together Aboard Disney Cruise Line

1226bz_9024ms_jpg_08573_orig-640x426The Disney tradition of family-friendly entertainment continues aboard Disney Cruise Line with a wealth of activities to keep the entire family entertained and delighted, while spending quality time and making magical memories together. Disney Cruise Line satisfies savvy cruisers and newcomers alike with Broadway-quality musicals, first-run movies, game shows and talent nights, fun in the sun, family activities, a thrilling on-deck pirate party and dazzling fireworks—all with a touch of unparalleled Disney imagination. Add in the spacious, family-sized staterooms and uniquely themed dining experiences each night, and families are sure to have fun together on vacation like never before. [Read more…]

Mazda Family Weekend at the Esteemed Boar’s Head Inn

Mazda_Family_Design_Forum_Weekend_Boar's_Head_Inn.23We love family weekends, road trips and quick getaways, especially when it involves the birthday of one of our two little girls. At nine and seven-years old, it is a very exploratory and transformative period for the family as we all learn new characteristics and habits about one another. But one thing’s for sure, both Mika and Aya love packing their bags, dragging along their stuffed animal friends and jumping in the back of an SUV for a few hours while envisioning what the hotel will look like and what amenities it will offer. If there is a pool then Mommy Misa and I have done our jobs!

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