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Escape to LEGOLAND California Resort: In Search of “The Special”

Legoland_Fit_Fathers...... 045Kimatni D. Rawlins

I must say the LEGO master builders are some pretty extraordinary individuals. Especially after witnessing their skillsets and craftsmanship firsthand at designing and replicating everything that could possibly be imagined into actual LEGOS. Cars? Yes! Entire cities? No problem! King Tut and his pyramid? Easy! Wait a minute, what about people and animals? Well, they just might be the simplest of them all for the masters to construct. If you don’t believe the hype make sure to cross off the kids’ bucket list with a fun, family adventure to either LEGOLAND California Resort and the LEGOLAND Hotel in Carlsbad, CA or the property in Orlando, Florida. After our thrilling vacation I now have much more respect for the art form.

Growing up I was a pretty inquisitive child with a strong passion for inventing and analyzing. Like most, I just had to know how things worked whether it were clocks or stovetops. Of course some of my inquiries were pure danger so mother introduced me to LEGO bricks. As with many kids I built and destroyed LEGO concoctions all day long. Not only was it an escape from reality (as if I knew what that was then) but years of this specific activity strengthened and organized my mind into one that is both detailed oriented and artistic, basically meshing the left and right brains. Though, I really doubt this is the reason why parents threw buckets of interlocking plastic bricks our way — mainly to keep us busy since iPads and iPods were yet invented — nevertheless The LEGO Group has made master builders out of millions of little people. When The LEGO Movie finally hit the big screen childhood love was rekindled for parents across the globe while also attracting a new crop of young creators including our little ladies with the introduction of Wyldstyle. [Read more…]