2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road: Urban Outfitted and Enhanced

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Not to take away from Toyota’s standard family of vehicles, but if I had to choose, then I’m rolling with the TRD variant of any of those models. Representing Toyota Racing Design, the TRD label enhances your vehicle with a rugged appearance package, gritty wheels, and more aggressive accessories. Such is the case with the 2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road, which is dominant over its base stablemate.

Our crossover arrived in a Lunar Rock hue with a contrasting white roof, black roof rails, black mirrors, black body cladding, and matte black TRD alloy rims wrapped in knobby Falken WildPeak A/T tires (225/60R18). The RAV4 TRD Off-Road is primed for adventure whenever you seek it. All I endeavored to do was take my bikes for epics rides knowing that the RAV4 TRD Off-Road had no visible limitations. It sits high for proper ground clearance and features Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD with Multi-Terrain Select, and a TRD-tuned suspension when hitting muddy, snowy, sandy, or rocky trails. Quad pipes are a nice touch as well. Like an animal in the wild, the TRD Off-Road is always ready for action.

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Biker Boys: Ride the Rhythm of Specialized this Summer!

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins, www.FitFathers.com

So, we’re in the thick of summer’s heat, and biking has taken precedence over the typical calendar of events. How so, you ask? Due to COVID-19, air travel was reduced dramatically, which shifted many people’s focus back on riding. This renewed interest is the reason why stocks are depleted or low until the fall. Hopefully, you were able to score one or had a chance to reinvigorate your cycle with fresh lubrication and tuning of the brakes, wheels, and cables.

I grew up on two-wheels dating back to my BMX days as a youth in the gritty streets of Camden, NJ. Every kid had a bike, allowing us to traverse from neighborhood to neighborhood until sunset. Some like myself could clear fences from makeshift ramps and wheelie city blocks for as long as traffic allowed. Those were some joyous days. Today, I rekindle some of those memories on my mountain bike. MTBing wooded trails for hours at a time bring back euphoria reminiscent of the 80s. However, recently I wanted to change course and hit the streets and the asphalt trail systems that typically connect various parks and townships. Additionally, many of my good friends and business colleagues congregate for weekend biker boy meetups on road bikes. Therefore, I began looking relentlessly for a hybrid in Large for roughly $800. [Read more…]

S-Works Evade Helmet with ANGi by Specialized

Accessories to outfit your ride should include a seat pack for an extra innertube and wrench storage, bottle cage, mini air pump, and a smartphone handlebar mount for following your maps and music if you choose. For yourself, think about padded biker shorts, lightweight open-finger gloves, and of course, a helmet.

For $275, the advanced S-Works Evade lid with an integrated ANGi crash sensor by Specialized is a prudent and sophisticated bet. Hey, we wouldn’t mind paying extra for safety measurements. The aerodynamic and properly ventilated protection encompasses “win tunnel” development, 4th dimension cooling, Aramid-Reinforced skeleton, soft and lightweight 4X DryLite webbing, and a magnetic buckle system. With heavier helmets, riders can sometimes experience neck fatigue on longer rides. Well, that problem has been alleviated with the Evade.

Additionally, users of this product receive a lifetime subscription to the Specialized Ride app. View for more details.

Kia Face Shield Delivery to Howard University Hospital

Fit Fathers is back in the community with Kia Motors America and Automotive Rhythms delivering Kia-produced face shields for frontline workers at Howard University Hospital. It truly feels good giving, dedicating, and volunteering to help those in need. Hospital CEO Anita Jenkins was very appreciative of the gifts and collaboration and the 2020 Telluride SX SUV was a hit with the hospital staffers. Good times!


Kimatni Rawlins Speaks with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Fun and energetic interview with Chuck Carrol from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as we spoke about vegan journeys and my athletic path to positive change. Dr. Neal Barnard also discussed COVID-19 and the food correlation. Tune in if you are seeking plant-based health changes. Namaste. www.FitFathers.com

PCRM: “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll is joined by Kimatni Rawlins who went from eating overzealously as a college football at Georgia Tech to motivating thousands as the founder of Fit Fathers. After breaking his own addiction to the Standard American Diet, Kimatni is now educating dads worldwide about the importance of nutrition and exercise so that they can lead the healthiest life possible and pass those healthy habits down to their children!

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Young Black Excellence!

Meet my two mentees Amede and Njoka. Both are from Africa and are currently prospering in America. Both play collegiate football, both are studying cyber security, both respect their parents’ authority, both adhere to law and order, and both possess strong worth ethics. “Proud” is an understatement. I’m looking forward to seeing them evolve while contributing to the needs of humanity. So, continue dedicating time to young Black men in this country because they need the support of mentors and father figures more than you can imagine!

7th Annual “Fit Fathers Day” Celebration

Virtual Edition, presented by Kia and JBL

It’s “Men’s Health Week” so

Join us for a Facebook Live Family Workout

Log onto www.FitFathersDay.com

Sunday June 21, 9am-11am EDT

Hosted by Fit Fathers Founder,

 Kimatni D. Rawlins

9:00 am – Wellness Remarks

9:05 am to 9:25 – Dynamic Boxing w/ Coach T

9:30 am to 9:50 – Full Body Family Fitness w/ Shannon Will

9:55 am to 10:15 – Yoga w/ Akil of Conscious Crusade

10:20 am to 10:50 – Spin Bike w/ Kayla Gorrell

10:55 am – Closing Remarks

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Donations to The Fit Fathers Foundation

can be made via Pay Pal from our home page (top right). www.FitFathers.com

Men’s Health Month

Fit Fathers’ team of trainers can be reached on the following social media platforms. Remember to eat clean, stay active, and continuously energize your life.

Coach T, Hard Training Club

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Akil Taffe, Conscious Crusade

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Dr. Shannon Will PT, DPT, Impact Sports Physical Therapy

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Kayla Gorrell, Certified yoga teacher, indoor cycling instructor and plant based health coach







Free 8-Week Nutrition Class Series: Fight COVID-19 With Food


Fit Fathers is  excited to partner with the Physicians Committee for their free 8-week nutrition class series! Physicians and community partners will share practical tips, meal planning, interactive Q&A, and more to help improve health conditions like diabetes, weight, and high blood pressure. Complement “Fit Fathers Day” wellness tips with doctor-led nutrition information! Sign up for free at PCRM.org/NutritionClass.

June 21-Day Self-Awareness and Enhancement Fast

The plan is simple Kings and Queens. Let’s strengthen our temples, sharpen our minds, and deepen our spirits with a simple 21-Day Self-Awareness and Enhancement Fast beginning Monday June 1st and ending Monday June 22nd. There will be no check-ins or reminders. Self-motivation is the key.

Simple, we will eat normally except drinking only water and decaf herbal teas (no milk, soda, juice, coffee, alcohol, smoothies etc.), no snacks (chips, crackers, popcorn, cakes, pies, etc) and every Friday we will fast for 24 hours drinking water and decaf herbal tea. It should be self-explanatory that no fried or fast foods are permitted. Only clean, wholesome meals. It doesn’t have to be vegan, but if you want, go for it. Just make sure to eat 5 to 7 servings of fruits and veggies daily.

Some of us didn’t have the choice of life extension. We do, so let’s pay homage to our inner beings.

One Love!

Cooking with Dads

Join Cooking with Dads, Fit Fathers, and the Kia Kitchen Friday May 29 at 1 pm est for a live cooking demo with Fit Fathers founder Kimatni D Rawlins and his daughter Aya Rawlins . They’ll be preparing vegan open-face tacos, fresh hummus, and her special guac dish.

Tune into https://www.facebook.com/aawalkNation