Fit Families Rock


Ever since I took the Fit Fathers pledge my life has taken a wonderful change. But the most satisfying reward is how fitness has infected my entire family. Being a Fit Father has transformed us into a fit family that has allowed each member to embrace all types of fun and energetically engaging activities as one unit.

Kyle Ayoung


Family & Friends Social Workout

Group_Fitness_The_Social_Workout....014What do you do when family comes in town? Well, we certainly hope you do not sit around eating cake all day. How about fruit smoothies and “social workouts” at the local high school field along with a few friends and their families? That’s exactly what we did this weekend. Sprints, football drills, stadium stairs, hill work and more was the formula for the 75-minute metabolic workout with every man, woman and child that participated. Everyone is feeling refreshed and energized we’re told!

So please continue to encourage your loved ones and close buddies to join you for a fun and exciting workout with the kids. Then refresh with your favorite fruit smoothie such as the Tango Mango featuring apple juice, mangos, berries, bananas and flaxseeds.

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Female Friendly Fitness

 Fit_Family_Workouts_Fit_Fathers........15Fit Fathers, it’s no secret that a family that exercises together stays together. However, sometimes we get so worked up and full of testosterone that we forget about the female counterparts in our lives. Some dads may even leave the kids with the sitter in favor of a 1 to 2-hour power session. Yet, why not include your wife, girlfriend or mother for that matter in some of your exercise routines. Lead by example and show them why fitness is so crucial to your healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day you want everyone in the household running around as energetic as yourself. Correct? [Read more…]