Kimatni Rawlins Speaks with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Fun and energetic interview with Chuck Carrol from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as we spoke about vegan journeys and my athletic path to positive change. Dr. Neal Barnard also discussed COVID-19 and the food correlation. Tune in if you are seeking plant-based health changes. Namaste.

PCRM: “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll is joined by Kimatni Rawlins who went from eating overzealously as a college football at Georgia Tech to motivating thousands as the founder of Fit Fathers. After breaking his own addiction to the Standard American Diet, Kimatni is now educating dads worldwide about the importance of nutrition and exercise so that they can lead the healthiest life possible and pass those healthy habits down to their children!

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MEAT Vegan Cyborg Kimatni Rawlins

1/3 Man 1/3 Plant 1/3 Machine


Welcome to the plant-based exploits of “nutrition and fitness technician” Kimatni D. Rawlins aka Vegan Cyborg. The former Georgia Tech running back gave up animal foods in 2010 for continuous education on the benefits of an overall healthy lifestyle and awareness of chronic disease causation. The goal is to eat clean, energize life, and stay active. Plus, he doesn’t mind beating non-vegans in arm wrestling! Currently, Kimatni is 13-0.

Seek me out if you are looking to:

  • jumpstart your new lifestyle
  • incorporate foods from the plant kingdom
  • lose weight, tone, and gain strength
  • increase running speed and cycle distance
  • reduce and eliminate alcohol consumption
  • reprogram your mind and its effect on negative habits

Personal Activities: 5Ks, Marathons, Mountain Biking, Yoga, Hiking, Strength Training, Swimming, Urbanathlons, Sprinting, Basketball, Football, Boxing, etc.

DOB:    11.09.1973

Weight: 205 lbs.

Height:  6’

Diet:    Clean Vegan

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification by the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition.

Feel free to join the Vegan Cyborg YouTube Channel at: 

No meat, No problem! Eat More Beans

No meat, No problem! Whether running, hiking, arm wrestling, boxing, lifting etc, fuel the body with plant proteins such as beans and quinoa and complex carbs like collards, sweet potatoes, and brown rice, and it will excel with greatness.

2016 Kia Sorento: Fitting SUV for Fit Fathers


Experienced by Mike Tucker, Jr

Kia has given the 2016 Sorento a healthy new start. The new Korean SUV is sleeker, faster and in great shape. The exterior of our Auto Fit long-termer is adorned with tattoos repping the Fit Fathers brand and website, which was perfect for the attention the Sorento’s new chiseled body would receive from spectators.

When I got my hands around the leather-wrapped steering wheel, it was to workout promotionally for the 2nd Annual Fit Fathers Day Celebration in Downtown Silver Spring, MD. It was on point for getting through the city with three kids while making stops at radio and TV stations for interviews. The youngsters were able to plug their electronics into the 110-Volt outlet and USB, so I heard no complaints for the various marketing errands.

IMG_5715During my time with the Sorento, summer had officially arrived making the air-conditioned seats the coolest of all features. The comfortable ride was great on the pothole ladened Washington, DC streets. Parking assist and a 360-degree camera allowed me to ease in and out of parallel parking spaces by simply viewing UVO’s 8” screen. Rear storage was sizeable so I loaded up three large tables, 10 folding chairs and 50 gift bags for Fit Fathers Day. Then, the Sorento put in a massive cardio workout showing great agility and power for a 4-cylinder mid-sized SUV since I was running late as usual. After activating Sport mode I was able to zip up the highway with impeccable timing for the festivities.

Fit Fathers Day was a win and the Kia Sorento helped the life-enhancing movement meet all of its goals. I wish I had more time to exercise with all of the Sorento’s worthy features, but the vehicle will stay in our fleet a while longer and I must share the sweat. I hope to set up another training session with the Sorento pretty soon!

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Fit, Entrepreneurial Kids prepare for Fit Fathers Day


In preparation for Fit Fathers Day, which the kids are helping produce and manage, we sent them on assignment to drop invites in every mailbox of their neighborhood. A few councilors followed behind on foot while everyone collectively received a good workout. We knocked out 3.5 miles together and promoted the event simultaneously as they rode door to door handing out flyers. Afterwards fresh, organic watermelon, bananas and strawberries were waiting patiently for consumption. Lastly, the Fit Fathers management team taught the kids how to write and submit an invoice for payment. For more information on the father focused event please visit




Spring into Shape with a 5K Run!

Spring Into ShapeWith Spring upon us there is no time or room for cold weather excuses for not working out, staying active or shaping up. Today, go and register for an early May 5K (3.11 miles) and begin training tomorrow. Start the session with 1 mile walk/runs until your legs build stamina. Lace up 3 to 4 days a week with 2 days of strength training in-between for the 1st week. The following week increase mileage to 2 miles and 3 miles for the subsequent week. Week 4 head to a track and add a few 400 meter intervals running up to 75% of your fastest pace. [Read more…]