2019 Hyundai Veloster: Compact, Sporty Anomaly

Welcome to Austin for the press launch and test drive of the all-new Hyundai Veloster compact sports car and hot hatch. It was a beautiful and heat filled day in the Texas Capitol as we zipped around town in 2019 models enhanced with sticky Michelin tires to mirror the unexpected small car excitement behind the wheel. Now in the 2nd generation, the three-door, Korean performance vehicle is an industry anomaly and will certainly continue attracting young, urban dwellers towards its ingenuity. [Read more…]

2015 VW Golf: Ready, Set, Golf!

Golf Family GTI TSI TDIWhat a state of bliss the new Golf puts you in when cruising to work or play. Compact enough for city maneuvering and parking, versatile enough to load up your mountain bike and hit the trails and sporty enough to challenge adrenaline rush when dopamine is needed in heavy doses. Backed by a long history of success and a cult-like following to carry on its legendary moniker, the Golf is as important to VW as protein is to body builders. [Read more…]