Visit Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, California

After a cadre of recommendations from business associates while visiting LA it was a must that we visit Gracias Madre in West Hollywood for some delicious Mexican vegan food. The jackfruit tacos were our main choice and came with barbecue jackfruit, cashew cream, pickled cabbage, crispy onions, and black beans. They were absolutely amazing. Additionally, the crowd was eclectic, the vibe super chill, and the music trendy. Enjoy!


Seabirds Kitchen: A Costa Mesa Vegan Favorite

Seabirds_Kitchen_Costa Mesa_Vegan_Jack_Sliders_

Check this out, I booked a flight from DC to LAX and drove an hour south to Costa Mesa to meet my wife for dinner at her favorite place in the world, Seabirds Kitchen. It was highly worth it since I had to took a red eye back home after the scrumptious meal. Fellows, sometimes our ladies just need us to show them how much we do care and love them!

The vegan eatery is hidden in a trendy and eclectic area in the Lab. Parking could be challenging so plan ahead. Jackfruit tacos, Broccolini, Farro salad, grilled cheese sandwiches and a cadre of bowls such as the Zippy Tofu Bowl make this place a top choice every time. Prices are moderate and portions are large and in charge The BBQ Jack Sliders are the bomb for example. Soups, salads, tacos, empanadas and enchiladas will only add to the confusion, but all are delicious. Enjoy!

Seabirds Kitchen - A Costa Mesa Vegan Favorite

Kimatni D Rawlins

Vegan In Vegas: Joyful Eating at VegeNation


Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Wow. What an amazing culinary experience I had at VegeNation in downtown Las Vegas. The address is 616 Carson Ave, #120 Las Vegas, NV 89101 to be exact. The Jackfruit Tacos aka East West Taco were super amazing and the Quinoa Spaghetti (Mama Mia) brought back memories of mama’s meatballs. I even purchased a VegeNation t-shirt as a reminder to return as soon as possible.

Also on deck were Hot Tamales, Wok’ed Veggies, Bao Wow (with Asian BBQ tofu, shitake mushrooms and spinach) and a brownie with coconut ice cream on top. It was my anniversary weekend so Misa and I deserved it. The cafe styled vegan eatery also serves breakfast. Prices are very fare but expect to dish out $27 for a cab ride from the strip. But more importantly the music created a melodious vibe. When Robert “Nesta” Marley came on I knew this spot would become a permanent marker on the revisit list. Not all of Vegas is sinful!

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