Road Runner Sports Adventure Run


Experienced by Kyle Ayoung

The Fit Fathers crew had another great Adventure Run with Road Runner Sports at the Rockville, MD store in anticipation of Fit Fathers Day on June 19th.  June is Men’s Health Month so the monthly fun run and treasure hunt was right on point with its healthful messaging and fitness focused activities.


The goal was to run for 60 minutes while stopping at as many checkpoints as possible where each runner would earn raffle tickets for a chance to win a whopping $3,000 in prizes such as new shoes or Thule backpacks. Adidas was on deck providing runners with their latest products to test the shoe’s vitality and comfort levels. Fit Fathers hosted a fun checkpoint and had the females give us 15 push ups and the males 25 push ups. Another pit stop was at Gym Source where participants had to clock two minutes on any of the exercise machines.


The energy was vibrant and the socializing was upbeat. We look forward to the next Adventure Run in July. See you there!

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The Garage Social Workout


There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting in a workout in your garage. Actually I prefer them. So this past Sunday I went for a 4-mile run then invited a group of Fit Fathers and my daughter for a garage workout at the crib. Boxing, sprints, spin bike, slam ball and ab work was the recipe for 90 minutes. Everyone had a blast burning calories while communing. We have decided to make this a weekly session and encourage all of our Fit Fathers to do the same with their  network of friends and family. Enjoy!

Kimatni D. Rawlins

2015 MORE Summer Festival


Experienced by Kyle Ayoung

MORE’s Summer Festival at Rosaryville State Park in Upper Marlboro, MD was a spectacular, active family outing for mountain bike riders of all skill levels. My fellow Fit Father Shawn Ciers and I participated specifically in the Poker Ride, an 11-mile route through the park’s perimeter and interior trails. At each of the 5-way stations, riders drew a card from the deck as part of the competition. Riders with the top 5 poker hands won prizes.

Kia_Sorento_2015_MORE_Summer_FestivalThe state park was certainly worth an experience with fast and challenging, steep trails. After unloading the Kia Sorento our Trek MTBs were up for the winding twists and stimulating turns, while fun, up-hill points along the route provided a great endurance test for these Fit Fathers. MORE also hosted a youth ride and a skills competition for advanced riders.

It was an energizing and vibrant Sunday morning workout to kick off our days. We definitely found a new home for future riding.




Fit Families Rock


Ever since I took the Fit Fathers pledge my life has taken a wonderful change. But the most satisfying reward is how fitness has infected my entire family. Being a Fit Father has transformed us into a fit family that has allowed each member to embrace all types of fun and energetically engaging activities as one unit.

Kyle Ayoung


Mountain Biking with the Crew: A Fit Fathers Social Workout


Words by Kimatni D. Rawlins / Vision by Henri Fisher

It was an amazing weekend with the Fit Fathers crew as we hit Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Park on hardtails in Gaithersburg, MD. Typically when a group of dudes get together to catch up it’s at a sports bar, club or a live game. Nothing is wrong with either if that’s your cup of tea. For me, I am happy to have broken free from habits that I no longer care for. In comparison to my old self I’d rather bike or hike within the natural mystic of life with my brothers and sisters while eating nuts and berries opposed to clubbing with baby ballers. Thus, it’s amazing how quickly enlightenment is ascertained when the path to purity is chosen. There are never any excuses for energizing your body incessantly.

We call them “Social Workouts” whereas a group of dads, moms, kids or friends of the family get together for an exercise-focused activity in an environment conducive for life enhancing socializing. Prior examples include running and hiking meet-ups at national parks and local high school tracks. This past Saturday seven Fit Fathers went out on what is to be the first of a cadre of planned mountain bike outings.  And for those who didn’t own a cycle we made a call to Race Pace in Columbia, MD and reserved a few of their rentals for $45 a day. Again, “no excuses” is our daily mantra. “This experience provided a great alternative to the regular routine of weekly gym workouts. Both physically and mentally challenging, the scenic path allowed us to truly appreciate both the power and beauty of nature,’ said Shawn Ciers. “Enjoying this time with fellow brothers that wanted to spend a Saturday morning greeting mother nature opposed to snoring in bed or playing video games made this outing and the conversations magnificent!” [Read more…]

2015 Hyundai Sonata: Fluidic Evolution

MY15 Hyundai SonataFit Fathers visited historic Montgomery, Alabama recently and it wasn’t for a history lesson. Instead, it was due to the release of the 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

I can remember vividly the first Hyundai Excels to hit the shores of the United States and have seen the Korean automaker take that established foothold and carve out a stake in the highly competitive US market. Hyundai has continued to evolve and provide higher quality vehicles while still remaining affordable. Specifically, they differentiated themselves in the mid-size sedan class with the Sonata. Now, with the introduction of the 2015 Sonata, we are exposed to what is described by the design team as “refined basics.” [Read more…]

13.1 Miles? A Fit Fathers 1st Half Marathon

IMG_0801Kyle Ayoung

It was a chilly morning in March and I found myself at the D.C. Armory parking and mentally preparing for the journey ahead, my first 13.1-mile half marathon. I’d been training since Christmas using the coach feature of the Nike Running app. It was not easy going from a slow walker to the running man in a short span of time while finding time between work and responsibilities as a fit father of four. For those of you that reside on the east coast you are well aware of the elements as snowstorm after snowstorm hit the region making road runs far and few between. Nevertheless, looking back, one of the most spiritually satisfying jogs I have journeyed thus far was a snowy, Saturday morning in January. [Read more…]

Kyle Ayoung, Entrepreneur


Being a Fit Father is a full-time job alone. Managing the household, providing guidance, stability and even entertainment is a juggling act. Add in transportation and logistics to all extracurricular activities and you have the most intense job on the planet with its only rivalry coming from motherhood. My family is the most important thing in the world to me! I owe it to them to be around for as long as possible.

Heart disease and diabetes are the health enemies that plague my family tree and I refuse to succumb to them. A reality check came a few months ago, nothing severe, just an alarming inability to function or compete on the level I was accustomed to. From the age of 8 years old I played football and lacrosse and competed in track. Starting is all I’ve known and winning is all I’ve known. I would always tell my sons “it’s in the genes.” [Read more…]