Join Us for Reggae Marathon 2019: Run in Jamaica’s Paradise

With the 2019 Reggae Marathon race day on Sunday, December 8, it’s not too early to start planning for Jamaica’s premier marathon event.
The Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon is Jamaica’s premier International Marathon Event. Marathoners, sports enthusiasts as well as beginners, converge in Negril, Jamaica’s capital of casual, for a fun event characterized by good vibes and lots of Reggae music. Enthusiastic supporters come out along the looped, internationally certified course to support participants. Meanwhile, hard working volunteers offer uniquely packaged water and re-hydration fluids at every mile. The pulsating Reggae music on course also keeps participants in an “irie” spirit, as they burn the mileage.

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Jamaica: Summer of 2014

Jamaica_Reggae_Sumfest_Fit_Fathers..... 061I’m a nomad by nature. The simple things in life ignite my passion. Water, sun, plant food, family, friends, reggae music, nature and animals — in no particular order — are the key ingredients to my happiness. This is the reason I travel to Jamaica a few times a year, especially in July for Reggae Sumfest. The purity of the land, the positive vibrations of the music and the enthusiastic spirits of the people enlightens me to the fullest while running the hills with the locals or swimming in the Caribbean keeps my soul and mind connected with the energetic movements of my body. [Read more…]

Reggae Heat Wave: Jamaica’s Sumfest Concerts in Montego Bay

Jamiaca_2013_Reggae_Sumfest_Half_Moon....08“Come back to Jamaica” is not just a branded slogan for the indigenous and cultural island, it’s a welcoming message of freedom, exploration, and methodical stress release from the hectic demands of metropolitan life and exaggerated work hours required from corporate America. My soul yearns for life-everlasting tranquility, my body craves warmth and clear waters, and my heart desires the palpable rhythms and spiritual lyrics of Reggae music. For this very reason I try to rendezvous to the island of “One Love, One Heart” as often as possible, especially when Reggae Sumfest is in town. [Read more…]