Welcome to the “Vegan Cyborg” Transformation

Vegan Power Story

My name is Kimatni D Rawlins and I’ve been a vegan since 2011. I Lost 50 lbs after the transformation and at age 44 I still have the majority of my speed and strength from my Georgia Tech Football running back days. I founded both Fit Fathers and Vegan Pro and run marathons, half marathons, urbanathlons, box, strength train, swim, mountain bike, cycle, hike, climb and everything else.

I’m free of any supplementation, only drink water, coconut water, and herbal decaf tea, eat 5 to 7 servings of fruits and veggies a day, do not cook with oils, and shy from processed vegan foods.

I am both alcohol free and smoke free and love reggae. I’ve flown 2.2 million miles globally to explore the diversity of the world and its rich plant-based foods and indigenous peoples. As I continue to evolve myself into a Vegan Cyborg only pure foods, thoughts and actions can enter my realm. Please join me if you’re looking for life everlasting change.

Life is for the living so please ascertain to eat clean, stay active and only feed your mind with pure, positive and enlightened thoughts that lead to purity and prosperity. The body is a temple so treat it as one.

To learn more about plant-based eating, disease prevention and ultimate sports performance follow @VeganCyborg on instagram.  One Love!

Eat like a Rabbit, Train like a Horse: Breaking from Tradition

Kimatni_Rawlins_Fit_Fathers..... 006Kimatni Rawlins —

The statement “you are what you eat” is all too true. In fact, how I fuel and nourish my temple influences 90% of my decision making processes as it relates to choice of activities, energy levels, physical appearance and positive vibrations. Foods have a way of affecting your temperament, which can lead to positive lifestyle choices or negative patterns. I choose to flow with the natural current of life which encompasses pure 1-ingredient foods that grow from trees, roots and plants and not born from wombs; daily movement; drinking mostly alkaline water, herbal decaf teas and freshly pressed juices from my Omega VRT; and practicing mindful thinking. Each and every day I wake up feeling amazed! [Read more…]

Richmond Marathon: A “Fit Fathers” First!

1 Richmond_Marathon.11.10.2012bThey say pain is nothing but weakness leaving the body. I wholeheartedly agree and believe that every weak atom in my body must have been jettisoned during a 26.2 mile journey though Richmond, Virginia on November 10, 2012 — just a day after my 39thbirthday. The marathon was a first for this “Fit Father” and a testament of my strength, will, endurance and of course stamina while operating on a Vegan diet. With December marking the one-year anniversary eating plant-based foods, I am truly amazed at how quickly my figure and performance numbers have changed positively. The mission is now complete but the war for the betterment of life through healthy habits wagers on!

The gun sounds and a group of pretty fast marathoners surge from the crowd like greyhounds chasing rabbits. It could have been simple to follow suit while burning fuel reserves within the first hour. Yet, I remained calm and collective while triggering the coaching both Nina Russin and Chris Anderson offered during a short 6-week training period. [Read more…]