Power Up With Plants: DJ Swearinger, Washington Redskins

Vegan Sports: A growing number of athletes are turning to plant-based diets to fuel their performance. Everyone from DJ Swearinger of the Washington Redskins and some of his NFL brethren to NBA star Kyrie Irving to NASCAR driver Landon Cassill are making the change to take their game to the next level. This episode is dedicated to explaining why athletes are going vegan in droves. [Read more…]

Physicians Committee Launches “Orange is the New Pink” Campaign to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer Prevention

Fit-Fathers-Orange-is-the-New-Pink-Breast Cancer-Awareness-Month

Women Who Consume a Diet Rich in Carotenoid-Packed Fruits and Vegetables May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 19 Percent

The nonprofits Physicians Committee and Fit Fathers launch the Orange is the New Pink campaign today for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The lifesaving social media campaign will help women learn about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet rich in orange and red fruits and vegetables and leafy greens.  [Read more…]

Eating on a Plant-Based Diet

food_heart-1024x901When my two daughters ask me why we decided to go plant-based, I think back to dinnertime when I was growing up in the 1970s in Camden, New Jersey. Keeping the fridge and cupboards stocked was problematic for my mother, so my two younger sisters and I would take a vote on what was ideal based on the limited ingredients. Three out of seven days we had “breakfast for dinner,” since there was always a carton of eggs, milk, pancake mix, and a few slices of bacon lying around. On special days we would have BLTs on toasted Wonder Bread—yes, that white bread that turns into paste when wet—layered with mayonnaise and a yokey fried egg. Other nights, my mother would serve fried liver with mashed potatoes or white rice or macaroni. [Read more…]