Snow Day Workout: Fit Fathers

On snow days Fit Fathers take their kids and friends sledding to burn calories, have fun and create family memories. Then we MAKE them nutritious lunches featuring salads, lentils and brown rice, steamed broccoli, roasted potatoes and sliced mangos to snack on. It’s a lifestyle.

7 Family Fitness Ideas for Winter

winterfamilyexercise1-600-x-403I recently visited the lively Laguna Beach, Calif., with friends and family to enjoy a few last moments of fun in the sun before Christmas. Imagine an 80-degree December day where the locals hit the beach, trails, ocean or gym for continual physical fitness sessions.

Well, back home in the nation’s capital the vantage point is a bit skewed from visions of sun-kissed California. Here, a normal December day is symptomatic of 20-degree weather and wintry driving conditions. Winter in Washington, D.C., also means a few snow days when the kids beg to build a snowman based on the Olaf character from Disney’s “Frozen.” Their snowy activity is a great idea. [Read more…]