Jamaica: Summer of 2014

Jamaica_Reggae_Sumfest_Fit_Fathers..... 061I’m a nomad by nature. The simple things in life ignite my passion. Water, sun, plant food, family, friends, reggae music, nature and animals — in no particular order — are the key ingredients to my happiness. This is the reason I travel to Jamaica a few times a year, especially in July for Reggae Sumfest. The purity of the land, the positive vibrations of the music and the enthusiastic spirits of the people enlightens me to the fullest while running the hills with the locals or swimming in the Caribbean keeps my soul and mind connected with the energetic movements of my body. [Read more…]

Marley Museum: Welcome To Jamrock

1 Bob_Marley..10One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. — Bob Marley’s Trench Town Rock

Damon “Jr. Gong” Marley’s reggae anthem Welcome to Jamrock never felt so poignant than during the weekend I finally visited the Kingston (Jamrock) epicenter after two decades of travel to the most heartfelt place on Earth I have visited to date — Jamaica. In fact, Jr. Gong recorded the track at his father’s 56 Hope Road studio using the same audio console “Tuff Gong” mixed on in the 70s. More importantly, 56 Hope Road has become the Bob Marley Museum and offers tours to Robert “Nesta” Marley fans, pupils and faithful followers from around the globe. Your reverence for Bob Marley will be rewarded with timeless symbolism, musical artifacts and comprehensive knowledge of his career through the words of a tour guide. [Read more…]