Michelin Expands Mountain Bike Tire Offering

Michelin today announces extensive additions to its mountain bike tire selection, with four distinct ranges for multiple terrains and performance needs. For the first time, the new products will also feature electric bike readiness and a wider diameter (2.6) on the all-mountain tires.

The new collection of tires is engineered to deliver excellent grip and strength to cover an exceptionally wide variety of terrain. The four new ranges are: MICHELIN Jet XCR, MICHELIN Force XC, MICHELIN Force AM and Michelin Wild AM. [Read more…]

The Garage Social Workout


There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting in a workout in your garage. Actually I prefer them. So this past Sunday I went for a 4-mile run then invited a group of Fit Fathers and my daughter for a garage workout at the crib. Boxing, sprints, spin bike, slam ball and ab work was the recipe for 90 minutes. Everyone had a blast burning calories while communing. We have decided to make this a weekly session and encourage all of our Fit Fathers to do the same with their  network of friends and family. Enjoy!

Kimatni D. Rawlins

Mountain Biking with the Crew: A Fit Fathers Social Workout


Words by Kimatni D. Rawlins / Vision by Henri Fisher

It was an amazing weekend with the Fit Fathers crew as we hit Schaeffer Farms Mountain Bike Park on hardtails in Gaithersburg, MD. Typically when a group of dudes get together to catch up it’s at a sports bar, club or a live game. Nothing is wrong with either if that’s your cup of tea. For me, I am happy to have broken free from habits that I no longer care for. In comparison to my old self I’d rather bike or hike within the natural mystic of life with my brothers and sisters while eating nuts and berries opposed to clubbing with baby ballers. Thus, it’s amazing how quickly enlightenment is ascertained when the path to purity is chosen. There are never any excuses for energizing your body incessantly.

We call them “Social Workouts” whereas a group of dads, moms, kids or friends of the family get together for an exercise-focused activity in an environment conducive for life enhancing socializing. Prior examples include running and hiking meet-ups at national parks and local high school tracks. This past Saturday seven Fit Fathers went out on what is to be the first of a cadre of planned mountain bike outings.  And for those who didn’t own a cycle we made a call to Race Pace in Columbia, MD and reserved a few of their rentals for $45 a day. Again, “no excuses” is our daily mantra. “This experience provided a great alternative to the regular routine of weekly gym workouts. Both physically and mentally challenging, the scenic path allowed us to truly appreciate both the power and beauty of nature,’ said Shawn Ciers. “Enjoying this time with fellow brothers that wanted to spend a Saturday morning greeting mother nature opposed to snoring in bed or playing video games made this outing and the conversations magnificent!” [Read more…]

Eating Healthy on the Run: United Airlines Elevates its Food Game

United_Airline_MealsExperienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

A million miles flown affords you many supplementary amenities when traveling by air, especially when your brand of choice is United Airlines (UA). I am a member of the exclusive Global Services fellowship for example. My dedication and revenue commitment to their bottom line is honored in return through time-saving and convenience perks such as complimentary upgrades into First Class, reduced membership costs for programs like the United Club, early boarding, automatic backups for disrupted flights and much more. But one thing it previously didn’t achieve was a decent meal mile-high in the friendly skies.

As a business owner of three companies including Automotive Rhythms and Fit Fathers, time is precious. I travel the globe test-driving and evaluating the latest vehicles that come to market and educate car-buyers with my findings. Equally, I host Social Workouts, health conferences and events around the world. Flying over 225,000 base miles annually require a copious amount of time in the clouds, which translates to a profuse amount of meals whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Typically I brown bag it with a few pieces of fruit, nuts and either a hummus sandwich on whole grain bread, brown rice and lentils or a black bean burrito. For years I’ve watched meals reminiscent of those in elementary school cafeterias served to elite businessmen and woman in First Class and packaged coach grub distributed to the larger group of flyers. If you were hungry and didn’t bring your own food then nutrition became very limited. Aged cheeseburgers in plastic bags, greasy sausage links, dry, enriched pastas, lettuce based salads (I need actual greens like kale and spinach) and blood sugar raising pastries were some of the typical staples. No thank you; no, I will not be eating today; thanks, however I brought along my own food, were typical responses to congenial flight attendants. They would always rave about me being one of the easiest Global Services members to please. Yet finally, United has made specific culinary moves appealing to health-conscious jetsetters like myself. [Read more…]

We Prefer the Gym, Not the Bar!

Fit_Fathers_Social_WorkoutsSee, you don’t have to meet at the bar to catch up with the fellas. We prefer the gym or track! #FitFathers

Fit Fathers “Social Workout” Jersey Track Edition

Fit_Fathers_Social_Workout_South_Jersey.......2Oh yeah, we had a great group today at Cooper River Park in South Jersey including Fit Fathers, Active Mothers, Energetic Kids, and Young Gunners proving their worth. Plyometrics, dynamic stretches, sprints, ab work and football drills kept everyone entertained. Afterwards, the guys played a game of 6 on 6 touch football and then headed to Healthy Garden in Voorhees, NJ to refuel with “whole foods from the earth!” We hope to catch up with everyone next time Fit Fathers is back South Jersey and Philly. Keep moving people! [Read more…]