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You’ve arrived at THE place to find information about the dangers of sugar-loaded drinks. Get tools to start a movement in your community, and change what kids and their families reach for when they’re thirsty!

What are sugar-loaded drinks exactly? We’re talking: sweetened sodas, so-called “sports” drinks, iced teas, juice drinks, vitamin waters and energy drinks. Beverages so cheap and easy to get, that kids are drinking way more than their fill. They’re getting the equivalent of over a dozen packets of sugar a day from their beverages alone! But together, we can stop Big Soda’s push to keep kids guzzling these harmful drinks which–science has proven–lead to obesity, preventable diabetes and tooth decay!

For more info visit http://www.kickthecan.info/

Ancient “Fit Father” Proverb: On Water

Soda-vs-WaterIf you serve a kid water all day and not soda, they will drink water all day. If you serve a kid soda all day and not water, they will drink soda all day. Thus, the successful path to nutritional freedom is to drink water! #DrinkClean

Soda & Water

302746_4740859168279_485250355_nFact: If you replace one 20-ounce soda a day with a no-calorie beverage (preferably water), you could lose 25 pounds in a year. Plus the carbonic acid in Coke will clean your car’s engine, house furniture, etc. We tried it last week and it works perfectly! Drink at your own risk.