Swim, Bike, Run: Quantico Tri

The Quantico Tri features a start near Officer Candidates School with a 750 meter open water swim in the Potomac River. Athletes transition to a 20K (12.4 mile) cycle tour of the Marine Corps Base that was founded in 1917. The Quantico Tri concludes with a 5K run, the distance every Marine must complete annually as part of the Marine Corps physical fitness test. For those desiring only to run, the MCM offers the Quantico 12K to be hosted alongside the Quantico Tri. The run is a perfect distance at the perfect time in MCM training.

Date: 8:24:19

Registration: http://www.marinemarathon.com/events/quantico-triathlon/registration


2nd Annual Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash Event

Splash & Dash FrontFit Fathers is excited to present the 2nd Annual Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash Event.  Strive 2 Tri is a non-profit organization based in Prince George’s County in Maryland which offers a youth training program from April thru September which teaches kids how to complete a triathlon.  Throughout the season they participate in 4 races within the MD/VA area with the culmination being the Strive 2 Tri Youth Splash & Dash which is a fun, pressure-free event for all ability levels. The Splash & Dash Event combines swimming and immediately transitions to a run according to the age of the young athlete. (7-15) [Read more…]