Kimatni Rawlins Speaks with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Experienced by Kimatni D. Rawlins

Fun and energetic interview with Chuck Carrol from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as we spoke about vegan journeys and my athletic path to positive change. Dr. Neal Barnard also discussed COVID-19 and the food correlation. Tune in if you are seeking plant-based health changes. Namaste.

PCRM: “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll is joined by Kimatni Rawlins who went from eating overzealously as a college football at Georgia Tech to motivating thousands as the founder of Fit Fathers. After breaking his own addiction to the Standard American Diet, Kimatni is now educating dads worldwide about the importance of nutrition and exercise so that they can lead the healthiest life possible and pass those healthy habits down to their children!

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Travel Fitness: Austin, Texas

After traveling all day from Washington, DC we had a choice to check emails for a few hours or go outside and enjoy the sun around Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas  before our plant-based media dinner. Well, if you know Fit Fathers then you know we chose the latter for 3 miles while absorbing Vitamin D and vibing with fellow runners. Now we’re energized, refreshed and burned 450 calories. Fyi, the emails aren’t going anywhere. Continue to make life enhancing choices people. Your body and mind deserves it.



Sun Essential

IMG_9282Sun is Shining — Bob “Nesta” Marley

Life can be convoluted if you allow “attachments” and “wants” to obstruct your path. Life in actuality is “simplistic” when satisfaction is manifested from the essentials such as happiness, purity and love. I am appeased by the energy of the morning sun, the vibrations of the ocean, the hugs from my family and the nourishment from foods that grow from plants, trees and seeds. Today will be another glorious day. One Love!

The Warrior Poet aka Kimatni D. Rawlins

Sunshine and Vitamin D

sunshine-skinBy Dr. Tom Campbell

It’s that time of year again. Many of us wake up and go to work in the dark. We work all day and return home in the dark. With the days getting shorter and the weather turning cold, we turn our attention to vitamin D supplementation in the feature article of this month’s newsletter. Questions I typically field from patients range from: do I need to be concerned about getting enough? How much do I need? And who in particular is at risk of deficiency? [Read more…]

Power Foods for the Brain: A Fit Fathers Discussion with Dr. Neal Barnard

Are you losing your car keys a little too often these days or having memory lapses more frequently than before? Are you concerned that a serious memory problem like Alzheimer’s disease could be in your future? Financially, the condition is a disaster. Residential care and medical costs for a person with dementia can easily reach $70,000 annually. But the personal costs are incalculable.

IMG_4569Fit Fathers founder Kimatni D. Rawlins recently sat down with and interviewed the well-respected Dr. Neal Barnard, a clinical researcher and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) at his offices in Washington, DC. Fresh off a show tour with Dr. OZ and Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Barnard discussed his new book “Power Foods for the Brain” which highlights key steps for preventing degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.  [Read more…]

Fit Fathers July 4th Weekend Social Workout: Maryland Track Edition

Fit_Fathers_Independence_Day_Social_Workout...5Today’s 2-hour Fit Fathers workout at Bowie High in Maryland was massive. We were 40 people strong with 10 energetic kids all looking to burn off their Independence Day BBQ. Sprints, abs, intervals, plyometrics and dynamic stretching in the sun while we collected Vit D was very life enhancing! The Charger RCs from Under Armour were timely as well. Looking forward to the next session!

[Read more…]

Vitamin D Sunny Workouts

Fun in the SunIt’s going to be 85 degrees on the East Coast today. Make sure to get your Vitamin D by spending 15 to 20 minutes in the sun while enjoying a walk, run, bike ride or metabolic workout. Don’t waste the day away people!