Christopher Butler: Power of Positivity

Being a father means sewing the seeds for the future, and in those seeds lie the greatest hope for us all.

Recognizing the value of our health and consistently taking steps to improve and maintain that is one of the major points I focus on with our daughter. I used to weigh over 320 pounds but now participate in triathlons, so I see the short-term and long-term effects (mental, physical and emotional) of negative health if we do not take conscious steps towards improvement.

The Fit Fathers movement is so important in addressing these virtues and goes a step further in bringing us all together without boundaries to make life-enhancing decisions as a family. Kimatni Rawlins and the Fit Fathers family has taken the pride of fatherhood to the next level. Much like other dads around the world, I am PROUD to call myself a Fit Father!

Christopher Butler