Styves Exantus: Field Marketing Specialist 

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Fatherhood is so much more than just YOUR child as a singular entity. It’s the other lives that she or he touches. Whether it’s a positive or negative behavior you directly impact them in addition to their peers. I like to instill teamwork and values that will help my daughter be able to build long lasting relationships as well as learning from and influencing her friends constructively. Finding common ground with your kids is important and lessons as it relates to appreciating hard work are universal. If they learn how to work diligently towards the principles of fitness, arts, science, math, reading, etc., they will be able to apply that equivalent effort to various avenues within their lifecycle. So to me, I am not just raising my daughter to be great. I am raising her to motivate and inspire her classmates and friends within the community too. Each 1 Teach 1.

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Styves Exantus