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Kimatni_Rawlins_Boxing_Fit_Fathers-235x195Eat clean. Drink clean. Keep moving!!!

Forty-year-old Kimatni D. Rawlins is back on track…literally! A NJ state champion in Track & Field in high school, Rawlins went on to play running back for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Although life on the road was an unforgettable experience, he says, “I started partying and drinking pretty hard after college and gained 50 pounds.”

But several years ago, the Silver Spring, Md., father of two daughters went through a transformational experience: He added running to his workout routine, cut out alcohol, turned vegan, and began shedding the pounds. Today, he says he feels more energetic than ever since programming himself to include running as a lifestyle requirement, not an elective. “Sometimes, I work out twice a day because I have so much energy!” he admits. To encourage other dads to live a similar healthy lifestyle, Rawlins also launched the educational website Fit Fathers. Filled with workout routines, motivational messages, and energy-boosting recipes, the website has since transitioned thousands back into wellness through a nutritious, active, and healthy life. (A portion of the proceeds from the Run Jones’ DAD DASH virtual run are being donated to Fit Fathers.)

IMG_3936“Too often, we take life for granted and don’t typically improve our quality of living until a negative visit to the doctor’s office,” he says. “But why wait until a degenerative disease strikes? Why not eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes now to prevent clogged arteries and attacks from mutated cancer cells? If we know that sugar enhances the odds of diabetes, why indulge in all the soda, candy bars, and pastries? If we know that our bones, muscles, lungs, and hearts are strengthened through routine exercise, then why lead a sedentary life? Why wouldn’t you be running, walking, swimming, or biking every single day?”

Driven by the belief that running is the core of any sport or fitness routine, Rawlins runs about eight miles a day, up to five times a week, and tries to participate in at least two races a month. Most recently, he ran with his daughter’s 5K running club, Girls on the Run, and the Run Jones’ DAD DASH. “I like virtual runs because you can run when you are ready,” says Rawlins.

Initially inspired to make the lifestyle change to improve his athletic performance, Rawlins says “there’s no way I’m going backwards.” On the rare occasion that he feels unmotivated, he’ll reach out to another Fit Father and ask him to go for a run or hit the gym.

FORMULA FOR SUCCESS >>> Eating kale, bananas, quinoa, walnuts, chia seeds, and tofu. His favorite clean meal is a simple green smoothie, made with many of these ingredients. Rawlins typically drinks a green smoothie at breakfast or lunch.

LESSONS LEARNED >>> “I used to work hard and party harder. Now I work hard and workout harder while operating alcohol-free, meat-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free….

“Alkalinity is the goal for disease prevention, purity the formula for life extension, and daily running the key for overcoming physical attrition!”

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–Gail Zoppo




Kimatni Rawlins