Tarus Nelson, Strive 2 Tri Founder


One of the great things about being a father is embracing the wisdom and experience you have collected over the years of life. Most of us may not have had a dad in the household but nevertheless were affected by the influence of a male role model who interjected themselves to plant seeds towards the desire for excellence. This is the cornerstone for our purpose in life, which is to become active Fit Fathers in our households and the local community to ensure the success of the next generation.

Being a Fit Father to me means accepting my role to help youths remain fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle as my own children move on after high school. This ensures a brighter future as I directly have an impact on chronic adult diseases in my community with this proactive method of starting kids off early with opportunities to stay active. We have a non-profit organization, Strive 2 Tri, which teaches youth how to use triathlon training as a fun method to staying active. Swimming, biking and running are the foundation for a great cross training regiment which one can utilize throughout their entire lifespan.

The earlier you can learn and enjoy the benefits of staying fit the more you can STRIVE for excellence!

Tarus Nelson